Skyline of Seguin, TX, home to Palisades Logistics' frozen storage facility options

Palisades Logistics

Palisades Logistics is offering cold storage solutions through a new state-of-the-art Seguin, TX frozen warehouse facility. The facility’s location is less than an hour’s drive from both San Antonio and Austin and less than three hours from Houston and the U.S./Mexican border. This location also puts the facility less than a four-hour drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and less than eight hours from the Port of New Orleans, LA.

Seguin, TX Frozen Storage Capacity

The facility features 128,000 square feet of flexible frozen and convertible storage space, which can be tailored to meet Palisades Logistics’ customers’ specific requirements. Equipped with 75-foot docks, 40 trailer parks, 17,000 pallet positions and 48-foot freezer height clearance, the facility offers separate zones for blasting, frozen and convertible cool storage.

As with all its frozen warehouse locations, Palisades Logistics seeks to bridge its customers’ cold storage supply gap by providing innovative, cost-efficient solutions through this Seguin, TX facility. A food-grade rating, FDA registration and USDA certification all serve to maintain the quality of customer inventory stored at this warehouse.

Temperature-Controlled Inventory Management

The Seguin, TX frozen warehouse employs a Warehouse Management System, featuring scanning and online inventory checking capabilities, that allows customers to easily track and maintain inventory to ensure reliable distribution. The REAL TIME inventory visibility allows customers to adjust supplies as necessary to meet order fulfillment needs.

Value-Added Services

With a focus on high velocity fulfillment, the Seguin facility is managed by an experienced, professional logistics team dedicated to providing first-class service to every customer. Services offered to help achieve this include:

  • drive-in racking
  • freight consolidation
  • loading/unloading
  • repacking
  • trans-loading

Seguin, TX Frozen Storage Q&As

1). What are the challenges facing cold chain managers today and what is being done to address these challenges?

In addition to dealing with rising costs, cold chain managers are also faced with limited warehouse space suitable for storing their temperature-sensitive inventories. The costs and complexities associated with building and maintaining facilities designed specifically for frozen and cold storage have hindered their growth. Also the development of new technologies and the switch in consumer preferences from frozen to fresh make keeping up with demand difficult. Some facilities, like the Seguin frozen storage warehouse, address that challenge by offering convertible storage space that can be adapted to different uses that require variations of refrigeration and freezer space.

2). What advantages does the Seguin, TX location offer cold chain managers?

Seguin, TX is an ideal location for the logistics industry, especially for frozen warehousing options, due in large part to its strategic location in south central Texas. Situated on I-10 and only seven miles south of I-35, the Seguin frozen warehouse facility is under an hour’s drive from both San Antonio and Austin. The facility offers proximity to the Union Pacific Railroad’s San Antonio Intermodal Terminal as well as to the deep-water ports of Port Corpus Christi and Port of Houston. This location provides easy access to four of the country’s largest consumer markets making it possible for businesses’ inventories to reach millions of consumers within a five-hour drive.

3). What special features should cold storage facilities offer supply chain managers today?

Because cold storage facilities are designed to hold temperature-sensitive items like food and medicine, these warehouses should be food-grade rated and have FDA and USDA approvals. These facilities should provide easy access to major transportation routes to ensure timely distribution and provide a real-time inventory management system for efficient order fulfillment. Additionally, proper ventilation and preventive measures for avoiding contamination from exposed insulation, glass breakage, and pests are important.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to meeting its customers’ logistics needs by offering innovative solutions designed to meet their warehousing and fulfillment requirements while maintaining the quality of their inventories (dry, chemical and frozen) and upholding the integrity of their reputations for efficient and effective delivery. For a rate quote or additional information on Seguin, TX frozen and refrigerated storage options, contact Palisades Logistics. 

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