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Palisades Logistics brings over 70 years of experience in the logistics field, providing 3rd party warehousing, distribution and other logistics services for big and small clients alike. We’ve got the right combination of manpower and technology to meet all of your logistics requirements.

We specialize in carefully designed, personalized services to meet ever-changing international business logistics. We’re big on small details that impact your bottom line—helping you to grow assets and succeed globally. Within this evolving climate, Palisades Logistics stays current with every facet of trade transportation issues that may influence your business.

indiapageWhether you’re starting out, or expanding your business, Palisades Logistics can help! We are experts at creating customized warehousing solutions. Palisades Logistics connects food and consumer good companies to public distribution experts and transportation specialists in the United States and Canada. Your company benefits from a network of premier storage companies capable of storing and distributing your goods safely and efficiently.

Our goal is to provide logistics solutions for your company that improve your financial performance and provide customer service beyond expectations throughout the supply chain.

We support your sustainable production practices and environmental programs. Our programs provide for protection of the environment, food safety, and a healthy and safe workplace.

Since 1990, Palisades Logistics has gained recognition in the food and consumer goods industries for our unique ability to provide the broadest offering of logistics services. With over forty multi-temperature locations offering multimodal transportation in the U.S. and Canada, we are your one-stop for all international logistics needs.

At Palisades Logistics, we pride ourselves on superior service! In the warehousing, distribution and transportation fields, we used our experience and expertise, to build a specialized network that provides our customers with the most modern, cost-effective operational techniques available today.

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