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Cross Dock / Transloading

Palisades Logistics has partnered with Ward TLC to utilize a network of regional and national third party distribution services providers capable of providing cross dock / transloading services. With this extensive warehouse network and related services, we will get you and your freight moving whether your need is planned or an emergency. We’ve got you covered! Rail and truck transloading, cross dock and shipping — it’s not a problem! Your business is safe with us. Our coast-to-coast locations mean you get the same customer-focused service no matter where in the country you are shipping inventory. When you need to unload goods from an inbound delivery vehicle and load them directly into an outbound vehicle, you need these services. Call (877) 758-1591 or email crossdock@wardtlc.com for more information and to get a quote! Alternatively, use the form below the map of locations to contact us.
Cross Dock and Transloading Services -

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