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Making Connections to Benefit the Community

As a 3PL company, Palisades Logistics is accustomed to finding solutions for our customers. We rely on our resources to find high-quality, dependable, cost-efficient services to satisfy their fulfillment and other logistics needs. That’s the business we’re committed to and … Continue reading

In a Sea of Options – Why Warehouse In Indianapolis?

In today’s global economy – technology is changing the landscape of how goods move around the globe. Technology has built and allowed for visibility and candor within the supply chain. Manufacturers can see their inventory in real time – throughout … Continue reading

Communication and It’s Role in 3rd-Party Warehousing

If your internet, television and cell phone reception has been out of service for the past couple of days (or the past year!), then you might not have realized the Republican National Convention kicked off yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio. The … Continue reading

A Conversation with Spartan Logistics at MODEX 2016 Conference

Palisades Logistics spent the last week at the 2016 MODEX Conference at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. It was a busy week filled with interesting conversation and many observations and learning opportunities concerning the newest technologies and … Continue reading

Cold Storage and an Explosion of Super Fruit

Seems like South America, particularly Brazil, has a health secret they want to share with us: they grow super fruit. The acai berry is the latest fashion food of the United States. Why? Natives claim it helps in losing weight, … Continue reading

Miami Frozen: At the Cargo Gateway of the Americas

Not that we need to cite yet another example of why Miami seems to heat up the business of frozen storage, but we’re going to name one anyway – Miami seaports, specifically PortMiami and Port Everglades. PortMiami is known as … Continue reading

Cold Storage: It’s Complicated – Part 2

As we move toward a more globalized food chain, one Danfoss North America EnVisioneering Symposium contributor explained that it is “… now necessary for the U.S. food industry and food safety regulators to be concerned with the ‘other end of … Continue reading

Cold Storage: It’s Complicated – Part I

Unless you are a warehousing or logistics professional, you probably think of ‘cold storage’ simply as a place where you can keep perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, beverages, meats, and even tobacco from going bad. And while this idea is … Continue reading

Transporting Frozen Goods to Miami Cold Storage & Doing It with Flying Colors

In order to support the ever-growing demand for cold storage in the enterprising Miami area, it is no secret that aviation is key. The perishables segment has been growing exponentially since 2012. Thus, the ability to land goods in a … Continue reading

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – How to Transport Frozen Goods to Miami’s Cold Storage Providers

As the title might allude, this is a three-part series on modes of transportation and how they interact with cold storage providers in Miami and the southern tip of Florida. Why is this important? First, there are more than 20 … Continue reading