Making Connections to Benefit the Community

As a 3PL company, Palisades Logistics is accustomed to finding solutions for our customers. We rely on our resources to find high-quality, dependable, cost-efficient services to satisfy their fulfillment and other logistics needs. That’s the business we’re committed to and it’s nice when we can extend that same commitment to our community.

That was the case recently when a member of the Palisades Logistics’ team was approached by Lisa Montalbano, Director of Business Development for Employment Horizons, Inc. Usually businesses approach us looking for services; this case was the reverse. Employment Horizons, a not-for-profit agency that offers job training and placement services for people with disabilities, was looking for businesses that could benefit from their services. Palisades Logistics was happy to help them make the connection. The article below, reprinted with permission, describes this successful pairing.

Customer Corner
“The Creative Kitchen”

Director of Business Development, Lisa Montalbano, goes out into the community to find Employment Horizons businesses to work with. Recently, with the help of a contact at Palisades Logistics, Lisa was able to partner us with The Creative Kitchen.

Employment Horizons program participant packs goody bags to help meet the fulfillment needs for The Creative Kitchen's "Kids Food Festival"The Creative Kitchen hosts a “Kids Food Festival” at the end of August, and needed some assistance preparing 2,000 goody bags for the event. Lisa read through the details of the assignment, and knew our workforce would do an outstanding job. She reached out to The Creative Kitchen and informed them that Employment Horizons would be able to fulfill their needs as well as give our clients a chance to develop skills and earn money. Ford and Lisa spoke with Cricket Azima, the founder of Creative Kitchen, and discussed the needs of the company. Cricket was thrilled to work with us because she knew her order would be fulfilled, and also the mission of Employment Horizons held a great value to her and her family.

The Creative Kitchen teaches children from the age of two how to have fun cooking. Cricket and her teammate Katie have their own mission about educating children about food and healthy choices at the festival. Each goody bag was filled with 20 different items, and then was sent to NYC in time for the festival, which took place on August 26th and 27th.

To learn more, visit The Creative Kitchen.