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A very wise person once said of this business, “It’s not rocket science. We take your stuff from here and move it there.” But as any rocket scientist will tell you, it’s not the job itself but how well you do it that matters. This is where we really shine. Palisades Logistics can store, distribute, and transport nearly every product sold via mass merchandising, supermarket chains and the internet. We provide both fulfillment & cross dock services with our dedicated network of businesses and warehouses, and we can help you achieve national visibility with your products.
Our 3PL Services include: We handle the following goods:
Warehousing Food/Groceries
Regional Transportation (Northeast) Regional Transportation (Southeast) Electronics
National Transportation Books
Temperature Controlled LTL Transportation – Nationwide  DVD’s
Overnight Delivery Clothing/Footwear
Logistics Health & Beauty Aids
Assembly & Freight Pharmaceuticals
Pick & Pack
Import / Export
Drayage / Intermodal
E-commerce Fulfillment
Distribution & Cross Dock Services
Club Stores
Loss Prevention
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For additional details and information contact us at 973.331.8220 or via email.

People Often Ask – “What is Third Party Logistics?”

Third party logistics is a term whose broad meaning can be confusing to individuals and companies that manage their own logistics and supply chain needs.  Logistics management can be a challenging task for those responsible for directing the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, regardless of experience in the field. By definition, a third party logistics (or 3PL) company is one that provides all, or at least a significant part of the logistics and supply chain services for another company.  At its core, third party logistics is a resource-based industry.  By optimizing the use of buildings, labor and equipment, 3PL companies save manufacturers money and time providing the most efficient means for a business to move its goods throughout the supply chain. By sitting down and evaluating each company’s needs and resources, 3PL’s can develop a plan to optimize the company’s supply chain.  The third party provider will do the heavy lifting—and shipping, and warehousing so that the user can focus on their core business of providing goods to the marketplace. Manufacturers are undoubtedly experts at producing their goods, not at storing or moving them.  By taking the hassle and stress of logistics planning off the manufacturers’ back, 3PL providers allow manufacturers to focus on ideas that identify their business.  3PL companies tailor services to clients’ needs by determining the best solution from location of the inventory to the most efficient ways of handing goods.  3PL companies consider everything from the labor force needed to most efficiently perform the warehousing functions to optimizing the load capacity of the freight to get the most out of every freight dollar. The nature of a 3PL company allows manufacturer’s and shippers more flexibility and room to grow.  Less money and fewer resources are needed to successfully perform logistics and supply chain functions that exceed safety, sanitation and federal standards required to move goods into consumers hands.
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