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Palisades Logistics understands that warehousing, distribution and transportation of Chemical products, hazardous or non-hazardous, is a science. Some chemicals are more harmful than others, and can even be considered hazardous. Other chemicals (pharmaceutical, food grade, etc.) require specific standard operating procedures for sanitation, pest and document control.

At Palisades Logistics, we understand that each situation is unique. Special handling and transportation may be required. There is a correct way and wrong way to warehouse chemicals. The box is not just a box, but rather it is precise packaging material (bag, pail, tote) that was scientifically engineered to transport a form of chemical product (liquid, solid, gas).

Palisades Logistics and its network of third-party chemical warehouses perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all chemical products before a warehousing solution is created and product can be received into their facilities. How is the product packaged? Are there special handling requirements? What are the quantities to be stored? These are all questions that Palisades Logistics must answer when creating rates and a warehousing solution for chemical products. A thorough analysis of the products SDS is also completed to ensure proper fire suppression systems are in place and products are stored with other like-minded and compatible products.

Palisades Logistics’ chemical warehousing solutions are industry leading. They support Fortune 100 chemical manufactures, local chemical distributors, entrepreneurs and R&D centers. Please contact us for more information and to request a rate quotation.

Chemical 3PL & Hazmat Transportation

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