One Million E-Commerce Orders Processed Per Month!

Amware Logistics Services has always been focused on delivering complex solutions to our customers. Over the last year the company has also focused on growth.

Amware Order Fulfillment

High Capacity Order Fulfillment

With their full on plunge into e-commerce last year, Amware is now processing orders at a rate of 1,000,000 per month. This is a statistic the company thought was unreachable only a few months ago.

After spending over 1 million dollars in completely replacing the technology infrastructure Amware was able to take Parcel Port from shipping 200,000 orders per month to over 1 million orders, without one order going out late. That is a very impressive accomplishment to anyone in the industry. Indicators suggest that US e-commerce sales will hit $370 Billion by 2017, and global ecommerce may reach close to $1 Trillion in sales in 2013. Year over year growth of e-commerce is expected to be 13% this year compared to the previous twelve months. All of these facts spell good news for Amware.

Amware’s network of warehouses in North America can reach all of the mainland United States households in an average of fewer than 2 days. The company also continues to grow with the addition of a facility located in Cranberry, NJ. “Companies are coming to us because they know that our focus on quality and standard operating procedures means we can offer the same service in Atlanta as we do in Toronto – and handle dramatic growth all the while. Several of our customers have doubled their already large order volumes with us over the past 12 months,” according to Vincent Gulisano, President Amware Logistics.

What makes Amware so valuable to their clients? It is because Amware’s customers do not have to worry about infrastructure (warehouses and equipment), people or systems. Companies that simply market and sell their products extremely well depend on Amware to ensure their customers get their product on time and undamaged. It is exactly the true definition of a quality partnership!

Amware also works with a slightly different consumer selling industry – Direct Selling. Some of the most well-known brands in the industry are Avon or Amway. While these companies are well known, there are hundreds of other very successful direct selling companies out there. The industry sees everything from ladies handbags, to cosmetics and energy drinks, jewelry, green cleaning products, and more.

Amware has really had a dramatic impact in the direct selling industry, and we have developed and implemented specialized processes and systems to handle customers who ship 1,000s of orders per day. These systems allow us to manage regular and party orders, shipping/manifesting of parcels, backorders and more.

e-Commerce Fulfillment

e-Commerce & Direct Sales Order Fulfillment

Amware Logistics is positioned perfectly in an industry whose future is very bright. To learn more about Amware Logistics and how we can help you grow and succeed, please visit us online at or contact us at 973-331-8220.

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