Logistics Services

Just as important as transportation and storage is the ability to know what you have, and where it’s located, at all times. We can provide full integration functions across the entire supply chain such as contract logistics and 3rd party logistics to your business.

Palisades Logistics is a trusted name in logistics services. From sourcing of raw materials through product manufacturing to the distribution of finished goods, top-tier companies around the world look to our logistics providers for innovative solutions that help plan business strategies, improve customer service, speed order cycle times and tighten control of the supply chain – all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory storage and order fulfillment.

Our member companies bring together the industry’s best talent and superior technology to solve the largest, most complex logistics challenges, whether on a domestic or global scale. We work with companies that can benefit from our systems-driven approach, designed to make all aspects of production and delivery mesh in synchronization. We specialize in public and/or contract logistics and we will win you over with our personal service!

To learn how we can help with your public or contract logistics requirements, Request a quote.

For more information contact us at 973.331.8220 or via email.

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