Transporting Frozen Goods to Miami Cold Storage & Doing It with Flying Colors

Cold Storage Miami Air: photo of cold storage box being loaded onto an airplaneIn order to support the ever-growing demand for cold storage in the enterprising Miami area, it is no secret that aviation is key. The perishables segment has been growing exponentially since 2012. Thus, the ability to land goods in a facility fast and fresh seems like a pretty tall order – except for Miami.

To give an example of this city’s can-do mindset, Miami International Airport (MIA) carriers like AA Cargo are offering a “Cool Perishables” program to ensure commodities reach their cold storage destinations intact. The program provides “pre-cooling, confirmed cooler space, and expedited USDA and customs clearances on site for fresh shipments … [And] it is unique because the cooler equipment extracts hot air and infuses cool air, which adds shelf-life to the product and is a value-add to our customers,” says Joe Goode, managing director of cargo sales at American Airlines.

A Key Player in the World’s Air Cargo Market

Miami International has more scheduled non-stop cargo flights to the Caribbean and Latin America than a handful of major US airports combined, and has had significant gains in the world’s air cargo market. Some of America’s largest imports like flowers, fruits, vegetables and seafood, crucial to Miami trade, enter the US via this airport.

Convenient Clearance and Multimodal Movement

Business is further expedited by a unique “one-stop” Cargo Clearance Center, which houses approximately 300 inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, lending a 24-hour cargo clearance operation. Additionally, a completed $500 million Cargo Development Program that includes 17 new cargo buildings, amounting to over 3.5 million gross square feet of space, enough to accommodate 17 B747’s or 38 DC-10F’s, enables Miami International to facilitate a multimodal movement of short-lived commodities to and from the airport in record time.

Additional Value-Added Service

But awesome perishable handling doesn’t stop here. The biggest value-added service for customers rests with their ultimate cold storage destination. And one notable facility, located a short three miles from Miami International, is Miami Frozen Storage, LLC.

Privately-owned and operated, Miami Frozen Storage has the perfect spot to secure and handle air cargo, and remains central to the perishable market’s customer base overall. The company’s warehousing managers are hands-on to ensure daily best practices are followed to keep products fresh, safe and correctly prepared for consumer distribution. Finally, with multiple storage rooms offering varying temperature barometers, Miami Frozen can appease the most finicky product or business direction.

Palisades Logistics

So when it comes to frozen transport and storage, Miami seems to sit on top of the food chain. Certainly the ability to effectively and efficiently transport temperature-controlled products to 3pl cold storage providers in Miami, Florida is a concern for supply-chain and cold-chain managers in the logistics industry; however, it does not have to be your concern.

Palisades Logistics has established and nurtured business relationships with top-notch companies such as Miami Frozen Storage. The Palisades Logistics’ growing, regional network of partners affords the customers of Palisades Logistics a single source provider with the resources ready to meet all your third-party logistics requirements, whether they are local or regional in nature.

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