Communication and It’s Role in 3rd-Party Warehousing

Communication: picture of a keyboard key featuring two speech bubblesIf your internet, television and cell phone reception has been out of service for the past couple of days (or the past year!), then you might not have realized the Republican National Convention kicked off yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio. The convention is scheduled to run through July 21, 2016 and a number of prominent political, business, and social leaders are scheduled to appear and speak. Here at Palisades Logistics, we are proud to be a 3rd party warehouse (3PL), fulfillment and logistics provider in the great state of Ohio. And we thought, in recognition of the conversation taking place at the Republican National Convention this week, why not chime in on the subject of communication and leadership?

The Critical Role of Communication in 3PL

In a recent conversation with Steve Harmon, CEO of Spartan Logistics (which just happens to have 3rd-party warehouse operations in both Indianapolis and Cleveland), we asked for his thoughts on communication:

“Without communication – logistics fails.”

We could have ended the conversation right there. Such a simple statement sums up the critical role communication plays between a 3PL operator and their customer. For anybody who has been involved in the day-to-day interactions at a 3rd-party warehouse – those interactions between customer service at a 3PL and the user/customer of that 3PL, for instance – you know exactly what I am talking about: communication can be difficult.

Fundamental Truths of Operation

Mr. Harmon expanded on his thoughts: “I want our customers to know – do not be afraid to communicate with us. Here at Spartan Logistics, in all of our operations including those in Indianapolis and Cleveland, we operate according to three fundamental truths. Those are:

  1. We are people of integrity.
  2. We will work hard for them (our customers).
  3. We are here to serve them.”

Mr. Harmon finished his comments with this: “If our customers communicate with us and we respond according to the three fundamental truths by which we operate, then the only outcome will be a net-win for our customers.”

Here at Palisades Logistics, we could not agree more with Mr. Harmon and the role communication plays in his organization, Spartan Logistics. In fact, the leadership attending and speaking at the conventions taking place this week in Cleveland and next week in Philadelphia should take note as well!

Palisades Logistics

Communication and the ability to communicate with one’s supply chain partners should be a concern in the logistics industry; however, it does not have to be your concern. Palisades Logistics has established and nurtured business relationships with top-notch companies such as Spartan Logistics. The Palisades Logistics’ growing, regional network of partners affords the customers of Palisades Logistics a single source provider with the resources ready to meet all your third-party logistics requirements whether they are local or regional in nature.

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