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Fresno Chemical Logistics Solutions

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Palisades Logistics provides Fresno chemical logistics solutions to its customers through association with companies committed to the seamless supply chain performance and rigorous safety protection for packaged chemical manufactures. Palisades Logistics partners with 3PL companies that have reputations for guiding chemical supply chains to quality strategic and tactical outcomes while enforcing the highest standards of safety in the industry. Our partners’ stewardship approach prioritizes 100% regulatory compliance while delivering solutions tailored to your logistic needs. Our third party logistics network includes companies that manage state-of-the-art chemical distribution facilities for the world’s largest chemical companies, providing high value – and risk management peace of mind.

RCMS handsRCMS Certified
Palisades Logistics works with  companies certified under the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) — verifying that they meet the same high standards the ACC sets for member companies.

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All Chemicals Handled

Mitigating Your Risks

Palisades Logistics takes a proactive approach to protect against chemical supply chain incidents. We understand the potential environmental, health, safety, security and sustainability risks unique to the warehousing and distribution of chemical materials and we leverage each to mitigate these risks for you over the long haul.


100% run-off containment — 1.9 M gallon lined containment sump


Food-grade housekeeping throughout — Associate Wellness Program


  • Proprietary safety strategy ensures:
    • —Systems Infrastructure Performance (SIP),
    • —Facility Infrastructure Performance (FIP), and
    • —Verification Infrastructure Performance (VIP).
  • Licensed fire protection engineer reviews storage configurations for compliance.
  • On-site Emergency Response Team (ERT) — hazardous waste opera-tions and emergency response (HazWoper) training — Full Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Facility and Fire Table


  • Integrated central alarm
  • 12 CCTV cameras
  • Driver credential verification
  • Private security
  • Tamper-proof sprinkler riser valves
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Visitor badges
  • Monitoring 24/7/365


High-efficiency lighting — Comprehensive recycling program

Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance

Cutting Edge Technologies
Palisades Logistics’ chemical 3PL partners employ cutting edge technologies to provide safe, efficient logistics solutions for our chemical customers. Those technologies include:

  • SDS upload & printing
  • CAS # tracking (SARA reporting)
  • Automatic order error detection
  • Real-time activity reporting
  • Quarantine classification
  • Product recall management
  • Custom inventory tracking
  • DOT & IATA requirements

Fresno Chemical Solutions Logistics Supply Chain

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