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Pleasant Prairie, WI refrigerated warehousing along Lake Michigan

Palisades Logistics

Palisades Logistics offers its customers access to a secure, controlled and protected Pleasant Prairie temperature-controlled warehousing facility committed to satisfying their cold storage needs. This facility, managed by an innovative team prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing warehousing industry, holds a BRC Certified “AA” rating. 

Pleasant Prairie Temperature-Controlled Warehousing Capacity

The facility features 150,000 square feet of temperature-controlled storage space with racked and bulk storage options. With a commitment to maintaining the safety and freshness of its customers’ inventories, the Pleasant Prairie warehouse offers the following temperature-controlled storage and fulfillment services:

  • air-conditioned storage
  • cross-docking
  • e-Commerce order fulfillment
  • full EDI capabilities
  • heat tunnel
  • high-volume case pick distribution
  • in-store displays
  • kitting & repacking
  • overwrap
  • pouching
  • random weight capture
  • sample picking, packing & shipping
  • serial track/trace
  • need something else, reach out and we will see if we can help

As with all of its warehouse locations, Palisades Logistics seeks to assist its Pleasant Prairie, WI customers by providing safe and timely distribution services across North America and internationally.

Pleasant Prairie Temperature-Controlled Warehousing Q&As

1). What cost-effective distribution solutions can I expect from the Pleasant Prairie temperature-controlled warehouse?

This Pleasant Prairie temperature-controlled warehouse facility is committed to maintaining the safety and freshness of its customers’ products through proper storage and timely delivery. To ensure this, the facility employs innovative technologies designed for increased efficiencies. This same commitment is applied to the fulfillment of e-commerce orders. 

2). What efforts are in place to ensure the safety of inventories stored in a Pleasant Prairie, WI temperature-controlled warehouse?

Maintaining accurate climate conditions is paramount to maintaining the quality of inventories stored within the warehouse facility. Daily electronic monitoring and regulating of temperatures in the Pleasant Prairie warehouse protects inventories and ensures their freshness.

3). As a supply chain manager, what attributes should I look for in a Pleasant Prairie, WI temperature-controlled warehouse facility?

The most important characteristics to look for in a temperature-controlled warehousing facility are a commitment to safety and cleanliness; adherence to the requirements of food product-related regulatory associations; a nimble, adaptive and innovative management team dedicated to helping you maintain your competitive edge; and a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system that provides 24/7 access to inventory levels, order status and dock appointments.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Pleasant Prairie, WI customers with innovative solutions for their temperature-controlled warehousing needs through safe storage and efficient and timely delivery accommodations. For a rate quote or more information regarding Pleasant Prairie temperature-controlled warehousing services, contact Palisades Logistics. 

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