Palisades Logistics Helps Companies Capitalize on the Global Marketplace

Global Logistics Network
To capitalize on the global marketplace, you need logistics solutions from a company with expertise in global shipping, resources and technology. You need a company that can move goods efficiently and affordably so that you don’t have to worry about delays and penalties. Palisades Logistics helps you take advantage of every new business opportunity whether it is across town or across the globe.

When you contact Palisades Logistics, we will listen to you so that we understand your business and your shipping needs. We will work with you to determine the best plan for moving your goods both domestic and international.

Alliance Shippers

For complex international shipments, we are partners with Alliance Shippers to make sure every aspect of your international shipments are handled carefully so that cargo arrives at the port on time, documentation is complete, and goods are cleared and arrive at their final destination as scheduled.

Horizon Freight System, Inc. / Intermodal

Within the U.S., our alliance with Horizon Freight Systems provides port drayage and partners with railroads, steamship companies, and intermodal providers to deliver freight throughout the U.S with services at all major rail-road interchanges. The company handles oversized and over-dimensional cargo, and repositions empty containers to more strategic locations for shippers to better service their customers.

JD Smith LogisticsATO Limited 3rd Party Logistics India



Beyond our borders, Palisades Logistics provides logistics services in Canada and India through our partnerships with J.D. Smith in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and with ATO (I) Limited in India. J.D. Smith provides warehousing and transportation services in Canada handling a variety of food and consumer goods within their warehouse facilities. ATO (I) Limited in India has operations throughout India and Asia providing air, ocean and ground transportation in addition to warehousing.

Palisades Logistics provides shippers with reliable global shipping services. Shippers in other countries around the world take advantage of opportunities to grow their business throughout North American with dependable service, fast transit times and on-time delivery arranged through partnerships with Palisades Logistics.