Miami Frozen: At the Cargo Gateway of the Americas

Miami Frozen: photo of ship anchored at loading dockNot that we need to cite yet another example of why Miami seems to heat up the business of frozen storage, but we’re going to name one anyway – Miami seaports, specifically PortMiami and Port Everglades.

PortMiami is known as the largest container port in the state of Florida and ninth in the United States, pulling in approximately 7.4 million tons of cargo per year. Port Everglades is recognized as Florida’s leading economic powerhouse, deemed a gateway for international trade. And guess who sits at the feet of both oceanic doorways? Miami Frozen Storage, one of Palisades Logistics’ strategic partners.

Miami Frozen Storage is a clean, cost-effective, family-owned operation that pays attention to every detail and has a keen understanding of what makes these two particular ports special as they relate to the frozen sector.


Florida’s Largest Container Port

While it also caters to cruise ships, PortMiami primarily accepts containerized cargo with small amounts of break bulk, industrial equipment and vehicles. It has one million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of intermodal container traffic each year, and is able to keep operations flowing efficiently with world-class equipment. Seven RORO (roll-on/roll-off) docks, six gantry crane wharves, nine gantry container handling cranes, four refrigerated yards, and break bulk cargo warehouses are a mere handful of examples of what this Port has to offer.

In addition, PortMiami now prides itself on owning two Super Post Panamax gantry cranes, which is certainly a big deal. These cranes are among the largest in the world, capable of loading and unloading mega container ships.

These capabilities coupled with the planned Deep Dredge Project, which is intended to deepen the bay to allow for new, larger cargo ships, would ready PortMiami to accept container ships like the Maersk Triple E Class in the future. Lastly, PortMiami’s ultramodern security gates increase the processing rates for container trucks and eliminate traffic backups.

Port Everglades

A Gateway for International Trade

Port Everglades is notorious for moving cargo in and out in record time. It, too, has had an aggressive expansion of its Port facilities (Northport, Midport and Southport) via a multi-million dollar capital improvement program.

This Port is the first in the USA to have the ELMOcargo system installed and to have Customs and Border Protection (CBP) radiation portal monitors for scanning all containers leaving the Port by truck.

The most notable improvement for Port Everglades is its expansion with a new rail yard, called an Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF), which allows cargo containers to be directly transported between railcar and ship. With this system, it is calculated that the ICTF will eliminate 180,000 truck trips by the year 2029.

Finally, Port Everglades sports new and elaborate marine cargo terminals and a 99% uptime on gantry cranes. All of these advantages, coupled with a locale within a mile of the Atlantic Shipping Lane, give this Port every right to brag!

When it comes to moving frozen cargo from these Ports, Miami Frozen Storage has all hands on deck to get it done right. For more information, go to our webpage Miami Frozen Storage.

Palisades Logistics

Certainly the ability to effectively and efficiently transport temperature-controlled products to 3PL cold storage providers in Miami, Florida is a concern for supply chain and cold chain managers in the logistics industry; however, it does not have to be your concern.

Palisades Logistics has established and nurtured business relationships with top-notch companies such as Miami Frozen Storage. The Palisades Logistics’ growing, regional network of partners affords the customers of Palisades Logistics a single source provider who has the resources ready to meet all your third-party logistics requirements whether they are local or regional in nature.

For more information about Palisades Logistics, or to request a rate quote for Miami frozen storage services, please contact us at 973-331-8220 or via the Palisades Logistics Contact Form.