PECO Pallet the unsurpassed leader in quality and service in the pallet rental industry.

PECO Pallet has emerged as the preferred rental pallet program among grocery retailers, wholesalers, club stores, and mass merchandisers.
Founded in 1998, PECO – Pallet Exchange Company was established as a competitive pallet pooling company that would challenge one company’s dominance in the industry.
Our business philosophy is summed up in three words: Service, Simplicity, and Responsiveness. We strive to simplify pallet rental, consistently deliver superior pallet quality, provide responsive and efficient customer service, and offer a competitive commercial approach.
Our Value Proposition is simple:

Quality and consistency of our pallets
Standards for initial production and pallet pool management
Network of facilities committed to quality and control
Leadership team committed to the managing principles of quality and control
Service commitment

We are committed to quality and service.  For more information contact us at 973 – 331 – 8220.