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The Cold Box Express logoThe Cold Box allows you to pay for only the refrigerated space you need and may be consolidated with dry cargo to eliminate expensive refrigerated LTL and dedicated shipment costs.

Our self-powered, palletized shipping container employs a high-efficiency compression cooling system for refrigeration when the ambient or outside temperature is warmer than the payload. Our container also has an electric heating element to prevent payload freezing when the outside temperature is at or below freezing. A high performance ‘hybrid’ insulation structure allows for thin sidewall panels and door construction to maximize the cargo hold compartment. Our containers will accept either a standard 40” x 48” GMA pallet or our custom reusable aluminum pallets.

A photo of the Cold Box cooling system with its measurementsThe Cold Box operates autonomously on its internal batteries for up to five days and can be recharged via a standard power outlet (115/230 VAC) or 24 VDC supply. Our container is equipped with GPS & GSM Global tracking and location with 24/7 REAL-TIME multi-parameter payload data collection, monitoring, and reporting. Immediate real- time communications of data and location with no software or programming required improves shipment visibility with automated event and excursion communications via SMS text or email. A smartphone or tablet application is also available. The Cold Box will run indefinitely on AC line power and may be used as a stationary cold storage unit for critical materials.

A photo of the Cold Box cooling system loaded onto a truck for deliveryFeatures

  • Precise temperature control (±1⁰F).
  • Adjustable temperature set points of 0⁰F to 120⁰F  (-17.8⁰C to 48.9⁰C).
  • Our shippers are lockable with a truck door style 2-point cam latch and breach alarm / SMS alert.
  • Accepts our durable aluminum pallet or a standard 40” x 48” GMA pallets.
  • Cold box can operate on AC line power or its 24V internal battery supply.
  • 4-way forklift or pallet jack accessible and 4 point top ‘lift’ capable.
  • Environmentally friendly! No dry ice contamination, No CO₂or exhaust emissions. The Cold Box solves No Idle transport regulations.
  • Standard GPS & GSM tracking and location with payload parameter data collection and transmission with link to Google Maps. Event and excursion alerts via SMS text or email.
  • The Cold Box can ship on any common carrier – truck, train, and freighter.
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