The World’s Largest Container Ship


As the European economy struggles – shipping conglomerate CSCL debuts the world’s largest container ship, the “CSCL Globe.” Currently on its maiden voyage from Shanghai to Europe – the ship measures 1,312 feet long and 192 feet wide and is roughly the size of four soccer fields.

Is this the future of international shipping? Bigger, faster and more efficient than its predecessors. Or is this ship and ships of its size (it is the first of five ships to be constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries at the request of  Shanghai-based marine-shipping company China Shipping Container Lines) specific to the Asia to Europe trade lanes? (As the CSCL Globe is too wide to pass through the Panama Canal and too tall for ALL United States ports.)

Regardless of where it is coming from or going to – it is an impressive feat of modern technology and a testament to the logistics industry – It can carry around 200 million tablet computers, or 115 million pairs of shoes or 37,000 cars in a single voyage!

And all of those goods will need a warehouse and a truck at some point during their supply chain voyage. To learn more about 3rd party warehousing, distribution, and transportation in the United States and Europe – reach out to the team at Palisades Logistics at or via email.