Palisades Logistics Improves Web Presence

Palisades Logistics has been working to improve the number of opportunities there are to build awareness of our partner companies by improving our web presence. This work actually began about two years ago with some significant changes to our website. Our partners have helped us by providing updated and revised content, videos, pictures, etc. At the same time, we began to utilize Google analytics and methods to monitor and improve traffic. These initiatives have resulted in more traffic to our site and to the pages within it exposing more companies to the network and services of Palisades Logistics. This is a never ending endeavor as the technology, processes and algorithms of the cyber world change by the minute.

So that we stay on pace with these changes, we continue to work on a long list of marketing initiatives. We have learned that fresh content in digital and social media are key drivers for keeping Palisades Logistics at the forefront of search engines when potential clients surf for 3PL services. As a result, we are making an effort to post digital news and information that is relevant to supply chain and logistics managers.

Why is this important to you? We continue to search for ways to connect food and consumer goods companies to distribution experts and transportation specialists across the globe. We believe it is necessary to capitalize on digital and social media using it to help position ourselves as the very best and most professional providers in the 3PL industry.

Stay tuned as we share more information not only about Palisades and our partners, but also about industry events, trends, and legislation that shapes the way we approach the future.