Frozen Food Warehousing: Finding the Right Partner

Frozen Food Warehousing: Finding the Right Partner by Palisades Logistics

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Frozen food fulfillment services require a higher level of care and management than other types of goods. Food must be stored at the correct temperatures, shipped with consideration of the “best by” dates, and placed in appropriate containers for shipping. Therefore, finding the right frozen food warehousing partner is essential for any business involved in the shipment, warehousing and fulfillment of frozen food products.

Why Should You Engage an Order-Fulfillment Partner?

Engaging a third-party logistics (3PL) public warehouse will benefit your frozen food business immensely. A 3PL fulfillment partner manages your costs for packing and shipping and delivers your products safely and efficiently, allowing you to focus on acquiring new customers and growing your business.

Why do we recommend engaging a frozen food warehousing partner?

  • 3PL partners have extensive systems in place to run an effective warehousing operation. Rather than developing your own systems and network, utilize the pre-established services these partners offer.
  • Frozen fulfillment partners can grow with you. As your business grows, the warehouse can scale its operations to match yours. Your costs are covered by your increased sales.
  • Spend your time growing your business. Let the experts in shipping deal with storage of frozen foods, proper shipping materials, and inventory management. This allows you to use your time where it will have the most positive impact.
  • Many frozen parcel shipping partners have established agreements with major shipping companies or they handle their own shipping. If you engage with a 3PL partner, you won’t have to expend resources to negotiate shipping arrangements.

Considerations for Frozen Foods Shipping

Before you pick a 3PL partner, you should know what makes a great frozen food fulfillment business. Here’s what we recommend you look for in a potential partner:

  • Food grade certifications. Make sure your potential partner has up-to-date food certifications with positive ratings in their most recent inspections; ask to see their records.
  • Temperature. Look for proper temperature control for frozen food storage. Consider other ambient factors also, such as the humidity level throughout the facility.
  • Management systems. Your frozen food warehousing partner should have robust management systems. Frozen foods should be managed according to “best by” dates or expiration dates.
  • Technology. Look for warehouses that can provide you with current and accurate inventories.
    We recommend Smart Warehousing, headquartered in Kansas City, MO; Smart Warehousing is ahead of the curve, utilizing cutting-edge technology to manage their warehouse; they provide you with timely, accurate information. Their software and apps create a unique database for your company that captures all the pertinent information related to your supply chain for your business management. Because these tools are accessible online, you have the ability to access them any time and any place through the Internet or WiFi, thus allowing you to keep abreast of the current status efficiently and effectively.
  • Shipping methods. Review how your potential partner manages frozen food shipping, including the type of shipping materials used and the guarantee offered in regards to your products remaining frozen.

Throughout its frozen food warehousing and order fulfillment services, Palisades Logistics takes every possible step to ensure your frozen goods arrive on time and in good condition.

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