Palisades Logistics

Palisades Logistics is a leading 3rd party logistics company poised to meet the unique challenges relating to the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Through a strategic partner network, Palisades Logistics has access to top-of-the-line frozen and refrigerated storage facilities throughout the Kansas City, MO area. In addition to multi-temperature warehousing, these facilities offer convenient access to major transportation services.

Due to its central location in the U.S., Missouri is well-suited for the transportation of goods across the country. The state is home to the seventh largest highway system in the nation, two of the largest rail terminals and 13 public port authorities. This extensive transportation infrastructure is crucial to the time-sensitive delivery of perishable goods.

When selecting its partners, Palisades Logistics looks for state-of-the-art facilities offering convenient locations and the latest in technological advancements. Additionally, Palisades Logistics seeks companies dedicated to providing top-level customer service.

Palisades Logistics carefully evaluates the specific needs of each customer to find a tailored solution to that customer’s logistics requirements.  With Palisades Logistics one-rate quote, customers never pay for more services than they need.

For more information about Palisades Logistics multi-temperature logistics services, call Palisades Logistics at 973-331-8220, or via the contact form or rate quote.

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