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Calgary Fulfillment

Comprehensive Fulfillment & Warehousing Services

Palisades Logistics offers comprehensive Calgary fulfillment solutions for customers doing business throughout North America. These fulfillment centers are strategically located near Canada’s major highways and rail lines to drastically reduce the time and costs associated with getting inventories to market.

Whether the priority is speed, cost or tracking capabilities, the Calgary services offered by Palisades Logistics seek to exceed its customers’ supply chain demands, resulting in greater customer satisfaction at reduced costs. The facilities are equipped to handle both B2C and B2B orders with the same commitment to deliver goods on time, every time in pristine condition.

The Calgary fulfillment processes utilize pre-built inventory management systems that can be easily integrated to most common platforms. In addition, in-house capabilities exist for the development of alternative management systems to facilitate customized integration with customers’ proprietary systems. Other processes designed to save costs, cut down on waste, and maintain a minimal error rate include backup power to sustain an uninterrupted workflow and equipment to produce boxes designed specific to each order.

Calgary Reverse Logistics

Palisades Logistics’ Calgary services include reverse logistics. This process of return handling includes accepting and inspecting all return inventories, recalls, and destruction processes, all of which is handled in a manner designed to make returns a positive experience for customers.

e-Commerce Fulfillment

Turnkey e-commerce solutions are employed to get inventories to market quicker, resulting in a more positive consumer experience. Through Palisades Logistics’ Calgary fulfillment services, customers can ship direct to consumers, quickly and seamlessly extending their distribution reach, or direct to retailers and wholesalers, including stores, distributions centers and boutiques.

Other value-added fulfillment services available to Palisades Logistics’ Calgary customers include:

  • Assembly
  • Automated lot control
  • Co-packaging solutions
  • Inventory management
  • Personalization & kitting
  • Pick, pack & ship
  • Sampling

Calgary Fulfillment Q&As

1). Do the Calgary fulfillment services include handling returns?

Yes. Palisades Logistics’ Calgary fulfillment services will accept and inspect all returns, as well as handle recall and destruction processes when necessary. The goal is to turn returns into a positive experience for customers and consumers.

2). What advantages can customers expect from Palisades Logistics’ Calgary fulfillment services?

Through its Calgary fulfillment services, Palisades Logistics can provide customers with supply chain solutions that are based on their business’ unique needs, ensuring a best-in-class consumer experience. Attention to detail, flexibility and cost-effective practices make this happen.

3). Is Calgary’s location suitable for ensuring fast, efficient fulfillment services?

Yes. Calgary, located in the southern portion of the Alberta Province, is situated at the point of two rivers—the Bow and the Elbow rivers—and sits at the crossroads of the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 2, one of Canada’s busiest highways, and along the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. This location provides easy access to water, land and rail, making Calgary an important hub of freight transport throughout Alberta and areas beyond. In addition, the city is located 150 miles north of the U.S. border, making cross-border transport easier.

Palisades Logistics’ Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Calgary fulfillment customers with innovative solutions for the delivery of their goods to market in the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner possible. For more information, contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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