E-commerce High Volume Fulfillment Services

Palisades Logistics offers high volume fulfillment solutions crafted around each customer’s unique needs. E-commerce businesses with 10,000 or more shipments per month can depend on Palisades Logistics’ infrastructure and expertise to process their orders efficiently and affordably.

With fulfillment centers strategically located in New Jersey, Atlanta and Denver, Palisades Logistics can guarantee delivery of orders to 98% of the U.S. via 2-day ground shipping. As a result, e-commerce customers enjoy maximized speed of order fulfillment at minimized costs.

Setting this service apart from its competition, Palisades Logistics crafts its services around individual customer preferences. For example, orders can be shipped in branded or non-branded packaging and can include company-specific marketing materials if desired.

All of Palisades Logistics’ fulfillment services, including its high volume solutions, integrate seamlessly with customers’ supply chain structures and include value-added services such as:

  • advanced warehouse management systems
  • inventory control
  • kitting and assembly
  • order management capabilities
  • pick ‘n pack
  • quality control
  • temperature-controlled storage

High Volume Fulfillment Q&As

1). Where can I find fulfillment centers in the Northeast to handle e-commerce orders in excess of 10,000 per month?

Palisades Logistics’ New Jersey high volume fulfillment center covers the Northeast region. In addition, we have similar centers located in Atlanta (Southeast) and Denver (West). These strategic locations guarantee that our customers’ orders can reach 98% of the U.S. via 2-ground shipping.

2). Will my orders be delivered in generic packaging or can the packages bear my company name?

Palisades Logistics customers have the choice to ship orders in branded packaging bearing their company name or in non-branded boxes. Customers can also include company-specific marketing materials with each order.

3). Do your high volume fulfillment solutions allow me to maintain control over my inventory?

Yes, All of Palisades Logistics’ fulfillment services are designed to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ supply chains and offer both order management and inventory control capabilities.

For a rate quote or to learn more about our high volume fulfillment solutions, contact Palisades Logistics.

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