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Louisville, KY skyline - location of Palisades Logistics' Louisville, KY fulfillment services

Louisville, KY 3PL Services

Palisades Logistics’ Louisville, KY 3PL services feature full inventory management solutions designed to provide Palisades’ customers with increased productivity at reduced costs.

All warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment operations are handled from a Louisville-based warehouse facility equipped with top-of-the-line technology for maximum efficiency and flexibility guaranteed to meet or exceed customers’ supply chain requirements.

Full-Service Louisville Public Warehousing

The Louisville facility’s sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) is accessible 24/7, allowing customers to easily obtain order information, including tracking information for current as well as older orders, and proof of delivery documentation. The facility’s inventory management efforts also focus on quick returns processing and zero shrinkage allowances to diminish the impact of lost or damaged inventory.

This system’s web-based portal allows customers to access their order anytime, anywhere, and features secure logins and varying levels of security for employees. It is designed for optimal organization and warehouse monitoring, in keeping with Palisades Logistics’ goal of simplifying inventory management and reducing costs for our customers.

The Louisville facility is also equipped with a high-level security system, complete with alarm monitoring and sprinkler systems. To further put Palisades’ customers at ease, the facility is fully insured against loss and/or theft of inventory.

Louisville Value-Added 3rd Party Logistics Services

Whether dealing with pick-and-pack or pallet-sized orders, Palisades Logistics’ Louisville operations focus on product configuration, quality assurance, returns management and repackaging. Among the value-added services offered are:

  • Kitting
  • Repackaging
  • Light Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Returns Management/Repurposing
  • Subscription Bundling

These services support Palisades Logistics’ efforts to relieve our customers of the pressures of all warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and fulfillment operations so that they can focus on increasing the profitability of their businesses.

Louisville Third-Party Logistics Q&As

1). What characteristics make Louisville attractive to the 3PL industry?

Since the city’s beginnings, the foundation of Louisville’s economy has been the cargo and shipping industries. Much of that is thanks to the city’s strategic location and its convenient access to rail, road, air, and water transportation.

Positioned in the central U.S., Louisville is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the country’s population. Three major interstate highways (I-64, I-65 & I-71), and two interstate beltways (I-264 & I-265) provide easy access and egress to and from the city. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad, a 6,000-mile rail system that crosses 13 states, was founded here and is serviced by two major freight railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern. Downtown Louisville is less than seven miles from the Louisville International Airport, the second busiest U.S. airport for cargo traffic, handling almost 5 billion pounds of cargo each year. Additionally, Louisville, which sits on the Ohio River, boasts one of the top 10 inland ports in the country, providing water transport straight through to the Gulf of Mexico. The McAlpine Locks and Dam allows for shipping past the Falls of the Ohio, the area’s only obstacle to river traffic.

With convenient access to various modes of transportation, Louisville offers fast, reliable distribution of inventories throughout the country.

2). What provisions are available for managing inventory stored at the Louisville public warehousing facility?

The Louisville public warehousing facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to provide customers with continuous access to inventory and order tracking information. This top-of-the-line warehouse management system fully integrates with customers’ systems, allowing them to accurately manage their inventory for efficient distribution.

3). Does the Louisville 3PL service offer any value-added options?

Yes. Among the value-added services provided by the Louisville 3PL operations are:

  • A high-level security system
  • Insurance against loss or theft
  • Proof of delivery documentation with an option for signature documentation
  • Inclusion of packing slips and/or marketing materials.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Louisville, KY 3PL customers innovative solutions to all their logistics, warehousing and fulfillment needs at affordable pricing. For more information regarding Louisville, KY 3PL services, contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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