St. Louis Fulfillment

Comprehensive Fulfillment & Warehousing Services

Palisades Logistics offers comprehensive fulfillment solutions for customers doing business in the centrally located St. Louis, MO area.

St. Louis serves as an important link between Missouri and Illinois thanks to its proximity to the North I-270 corridor, considered a prime logistics corridor for national and local companies engaged in manufacturing, supplying and distributing products throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Optimal Response Time

Due to its centralized location, the St. Louis area is a much sought-after destination for industries looking to move their inventory to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. This area is especially attractive to ecommerce users striving to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for quicker delivery times.

A key to successful fulfillment services is access to various transportation methods. St. Louis is recognized as a multi-modal transportation hub. It boasts the country’s third largest inland port, and is situated in close proximity to four major interstates, five airports and six Class 1 railways. This convenience of transportation channels ensures the expeditious, efficient delivery of product to the end customer.

St. Louis Fulfillment Q&As

1). Do you offer St. Louis fulfillment services designed specifically for the food industry?

Yes. Palisades Logistics’ St. Louis fulfillment services are equipped for dry, frozen and perishable products and are operated by personnel well-versed in all aspects of food storage and related supply chain issues, including compliance regulations, high SKU counts, product recalls, strict order accuracy and temperature adherence.

2). Do the St. Louis facilities offer fulfillment services for imported products?

Because St. Louis is classified as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and sits in close proximity to various transportation channels, the area is ideal for handling the fulfillment of imported goods. The FTZ designation means that Palisades Logistics’ St. Louis fulfillment customers can benefit from savings on customs duties and processing fees relating to their imported inventories.

3). What industries most benefit from Palisades Logistics’ St. Louis fulfillment services?

Palisades Logistics is situated to meet the St. Louis fulfillment needs of businesses of all sizes in every industry. We offer fulfillment solutions for food grade and non-food grade products including general merchandise, health care products and imported goods. These facilities are equipped to maintain proper inventory in order to meet the tight timelines of the retail supply chain and to keep up with the ever-increasing demand by ecommerce users for faster deliveries.

Palisades Logistics’ Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its St. Louis fulfillment customers with innovative solutions for the delivery of their goods to market in the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner possible. For more information regarding St. Louis fulfillment services contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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