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Serving New York/New Jersey Area

With the explosion of online sales and direct selling, the requirements for warehousing and logistics have changed drastically over the past decade. Companies learned that the infrastructure and systems they used for years to handle their traditional channel was not sufficient to meet multi-channel distribution requirements. Palisades Logistics’ Cranbury fulfillment operations distinguishes between pallet/case-pick warehousing and true high volume order fulfillment and offer comprehensive services to fill customer orders and distribute products from any industry, regardless of order size, quantity and/or frequency.

Graphic explaining Cranbury, NJ's direct-to-consumer fulfillment, multi-channel logistics, and retail/B2B logistics

Palisades Logistics’ Cranbury fulfillment operations services the New York/New Jersey area, offering offer national distribution, as well as regional distribution to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Palisades Logistics utilizes a facility located in close proximity to the Port of Newark, making it a strong location for a distribution warehouse, particularly for imported goods. Newark is the second largest port for offshore manufacturing and serves as a gateway for products being delivered to the 21 million consumers in this regional market. Northern New Jersey is also centrally located to serve the Eastern U.S. for retail distribution.

  • Photo of 3-tier conveyor system like that used by Palisades Logistics' fulfillment partner at facilities in Atlanta, GA, Cranbury, NJ, Dallas, TX, and Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are shipping two hundred or twenty thousand orders per day, Palisades Logistics’ Cranbury fulfillment operations provide the attention to detail, customer service, and accuracy you (and more importantly) your customers require. Palisades Logistics is dedicated to providing complete support to your sales and marketing teams as well as precise, economical, and timely delivery of your products.

Cranbury, NJ Fulfillment - a color sketch of a forklift loading boxes into a truckPalisades Logistics’ Cranbury Fulfillment Services Include:

• Excellent Parcel Discounts
• B2B and B2C Fulfillment
• E-Commerce and Direct Selling Order Fulfillment
• API Integration and Web Based Reporting and Access
• Order Management Capability includes sort between warehouses, group similar orders, parcel analysis
• Expedited Shipping
• Returns Processing Service
• Kitting, Quality Inspection and Repackaging Services
• Temperature Control Storage

To learn more about our Cranbury fulfillment and public warehousing services or to receive a rate quote – contact us at 973-331-8220 or via our contact form.

map of central New Jersey depicting location of Palisades Logistics' Cranbury fulfillment operations.