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3PL Warehouse Nashville, TN

Nashville 3PL warehouse services offered through Palisades Logistics include strategically located facilities featuring best-in-class processes and systems to provide customized, cost-effective distribution solutions to meet the supply chain needs of various industries.

A leading Nashville 3PL company, Palisades Logistics provides its Nashville customers with access to a food-grade quality, 445,942-square-foot facility with easy access to I-840, I-40 and I-24. The Nashville third party warehouse, which features 60 dock doors and two 12′ x 14′ drive-in doors, as well as a 60-foot staging bay and cross-dock loading configuration, is equipped to handle all aspects of inventory management from pick-and-pack services to cross-docking for oversized inventory. The facility offers public warehousing space as well as contract warehousing options for customers seeking customized distributions programs in a dedicated facility. Additionally, this facility is equipped with temperature-controlled warehousing space as well as a secured cage storage area for customers’ added peace of mind.

Full-Service Nashville 3PL Warehousing

The Nashville warehouse space is managed by an experienced team dedicated to developing strategies that optimize customers’ logistical flow in order to meet time-sensitive delivery needs. A real-time, customized view of inventories is made available through advanced technologies, including:

  • integrated warehouse management system (WMS)
  • RF Scanning
  • EDI
  • online inventory tracking

Customer portals at the Nashville facility allow Palisades Logistics’ customers to receive instant pricing and transit time information from the facility’s LTL partners. 

Nashville Order Fulfillment Services

Palisades Logistics’ Nashville 3PL services offer flawless inventory management that includes regular cycle counts and first-class processes for reliable, customized supply chain solutions. The cross-docking services and consolidation programs in use result in significant savings on freight transportation costs, and help to mitigate warehousing expenses. The Nashville warehousing facilities are rated for dry goods, pharmaceutical and HazMat materials, in addition to food-grade inventories.

Nashville 3rd Party Warehouse Q&As

1). What makes Nashville, TN a desirable location for meeting the warehousing needs of Palisades Logistics’ customers?

Nashville, TN has a history of being a significant shipping port and rail center thanks to its proximity both to the Cumberland River and three major interstate highways. The Cumberland River loops through the northern portion of the state and joins the Ohio River upstream from the mouth of the Tennessee River. The interstates completely encircle the city’s downtown area and also service the surrounding suburbs. I-40 services the east-west route between Memphis and Knoxville, while I-65 services the north-south route connecting Louisville, KY with Huntsville, AL; and I-24 runs northwest to southeast from Clarksville to Chattanooga. I-440 is the bypass that connects all three interstates.

2). What advantages do the Nashville third party warehouse facilities offer to customers dealing with imports?

Import deconsolidation can be an important benefit to customers of these Nashville warehousing facilities. This eliminates the need for customers to determine the final destination of products before inventory has reached port. This way customers can allocate distribution based on current need and timing and imported goods can be distributed to seasonal warehouses, distribution centers, pool points or even straight to retail stores, providing customers with the ultimate in distribution flexibility.

3). What are the top advantages offered by Palisades Logistics’ Nashville 3PL warehousing services?

Palisades Logistics’ Nashville 3PL warehousing services are managed by an experienced team dedicated to providing strategies for optimizing our customers’ logistics flow in order to meet time-sensitive delivery schedules. The team utilizes secure technology, including WMS, RF Scanning, EDI, and online inventory tracking to give customers optimum, customized visibility of  their inventories for reliable, efficient supply chain solutions.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Nashville 3PL customers innovative solutions to all their logistics, warehousing and fulfillment needs at affordable pricing. For more information regarding Nashville 3PL warehouse services, contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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