Chicago, IL

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Chicago, IL

Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System

Chicago 3rd Party Logistics Services

Palisades Logistics meets the Chicago 3PL industry’s fulfillment and distribution needs through its partnership with Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System.

Midwest is a full-service, Chicago 3rd party logistics company with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity. For more than 25 years, Midwest has served as the third party logistics provider of choice for clients who recognize the company as a trusted business partner invested in their success.  Palisades Logistics provides customers with the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost through its partnership with Midwest, which boasts over 125 years of  combined managerial expertise in Chicago fulfillment, distribution, trucking and public warehousing.

Meeting Chicago Third Party Logistics Needs

Midwest serves the Chicago public warehousing and fulfillment needs of various industries by handling the following products: Food, Food-Related, Paper, General Commodities, and Chemicals.

Midwest has a total of 5,000,000 square feet of public warehousing space in 19 facilities, with 11 facilities in the Chicago area strategically located around intermodal ramps, including rail.

Chicago 3PL Services

To meet the Chicago public warehousing and fulfillment needs of its customers, Midwest offers the following 3PL services:

  • Public Warehousing
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Pool Distribution
  • Regional Transportation Services
  • National Transportation Services
  • Drayage
  • Transloading
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Cross Dock
  • Consolidation Services
  • Value-added packaging
  • Fulfillment
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Temperature Control Space
  • RF Capable
  • Bar Code Capable
  • Cadence WMS

AIB Rated

Chicago 3PL company, Midwest Warehouse & Distribution Systems is AIB rated; picture of AIB Logo - white lettering on black background with red border

Learn More About Our Chicago 3rd Party Logistics Services

When it comes to Chicago public warehousing and fulfillment, Palisades Logistics aims to offer the most comprehensive, affordable services available. The partnership with Midwest, an established, full-service third party logistics company, enables Palisades Logistics to accomplish this. To learn more about our Chicago public warehousing, fulfillment and other 3PL services, or to request a price quote, contact Palisades Logistics at 973-331-8220 or via our contact page.