Baltimore, MD

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Baltimore, MD

Barrett Distribution

Palisades Logistics’ Baltimore 3PL partner, Barrett Distribution, is a privately owned, third generation company servicing over 100 customers and operating more than 2,000,000 square feet of public warehousing space with locations in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and California.

3PL - Photo of pallets packed in Baltimore public warehouse

Barrett Distribution’s Baltimore Public Warehouse

Serving Baltimore Fulfillment Needs

In seeking to provide cost-efficient solutions for its Baltimore 3rd party logistics customers, Palisades Logistics partners with experienced companies that share Palisades Logistics’ commitment to customer service. Barrett Distribution’s experience spans multiple industries including automotive, footwear and apparel, food and beverage, retail/e-commerce, consumer packaged goods, housewares and home goods.

Barrett is also adept at managing complex supply chain programs, e-commerce & warehousing, distribution and fulfillment programs, providing a complete answer to all your Baltimore 3rd party logistics needs.

Comprehensive Baltimore 3rd Party Logistics Services

Barrett Distributions’ Maryland facilities provide:

  • warehouse management systems ideal for high-volume order processing
  • multi-channel e-commerce fulfillment for consumers and retailers
  • pick and pack
  • kitting and assembly
  • order and inventory management
  • distribution and cross-dock services
  • retailer compliance & ISO 9001-2008 certifications
  • AIB Food Grade Superior
  • returns management
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) supporting asset and non-asset transportation services
  • regional & national LTL & TL freight brokerage
  • small parcel management
  • dedicated shuttle programs

ISO 9001-2008
AIB rated – Superior

Palisades Logistics - ISO 9001 and AIB rated


The learn more about the Baltimore third party logistics services offered through our strategic partner network, contact Palisades Logistics at 973-331-8220 or via our contact page.