Toledo, OH

Patricia Birchenough 8:06 pm

Toledo, OH

Spartan Logistics

With the inclusion of Spartan Logistics in its selective partner network, Palisades Logistics can offer its customers a complete solution for their Toledo 3rd party logistics needs. An efficient, cost-conscious third-party logistics warehousing operation requires two fundamental elements:

  • the effective management of time and space; and
  • a clearly-defined set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that support a vital, customer-oriented culture for daily operations.

The partnership between Palisades Logistics and Spartan Logistics offers that and more for Toledo fulfillment customers seeking solutions to their logistics needs.

Toledo Public Warehouse Facility Is Railed ServedPhoto of railroad tracks: Toledo fulfillment needs satisfied by Palisades Logistics' partner, Spartan Logistics, which has facilities conveniently located near major rail lines.

Spartan Logistics’ Toledo warehouse is rail-served by both the CSX and NS. The facility has an indoor raildock with capacity to handle eight rail cars per day with:

  • Crossdocking
  • Trans-load rail to truck
  • Trans-load truck to rail

As an asset-based carrier, Spartan Logistics is equipped to handle all regional pickups and deliveries and has heavy-weight, slip-sheet and clamp materials handling capabilities.

AIB Certified Food Storage Space

Toledo logistics: photo of black AIB certification badge with red and white letteringSpartan Logistics’ 360,000-square-foot Toledo public warehouse facility includes 220,000 square feet designated as AIB Certified food storage space. The facility is managed by a dedicated, professional warehouse service team and operated under Spartan Logistics’ first-rate warehouse management system (WMS), providing customers with a complete transportation and storage management solution.

Toledo sits within a 300-mile radius of 30% of the industrial market in the U.S. and 50% of the industrial market in Canada. Taking advantage of this central location, Spartan Logistics’ Toledo public warehouse facility provides unparalleled distribution access to customers as they seek to fulfill their distributors’ demand for their products.

 Value-Added Toledo Fulfillment Services

Centrally located facilities and top-notch WMS are only two features that set Spartan Logistics apart. Additional value-added Toledo fulfillment services include:

  • online inventory control and warehouse management systems;
  • manufacturing distribution and fulfillment; and
  • import / export customs brokerage services

Convenient location, superior service and dedicated support makes Spartan Logistics’ Toledo facility an excellent 3PL warehousing solution.

Palisades Logistics is excited to partner with a business that shares its philosophy and dedication to customer service. Great service, happy customers and full buildings operated by a passionate team are the goals to which Spartan Logistics strives while upholding core values of integrity, customer service, teamwork and respect. These are qualities Palisades Logistics seeks in all its selective partners.

Cost-Savings Passed on to You

Spartan Logistics is a privately-owned and operated 3PL warehousing company with the experience, staff and technology necessary to fulfill your logistics needs, yet it is small enough to incur a lower overhead and cost structure, which is passed on to its customers.

The added value Palisades Logistics offers is its ability to assess the uniquely individual needs of its customers with the goal of providing just the right solution to their logistics requirements. Palisades Logistics has built an elite partner network by vetting companies that offer a range of services and facilities and share Palisades’ focus on customer satisfaction – companies like Spartan Logistics.

For a free quote on services to meet your Toledo logistics needs, including fulfillment and public warehousing services, contact Palisades Logistics.