St. Louis 3PL Services

St. Louis 3PL services provided by Palisades Logistics are designed to provide logistics solutions to all businesses, large and small, in industries ranging from food to manufacturing. Our 3PL customers have access to full-service warehousing facilities in the centrally located St. Louis metropolitan area. These facilities are managed by experienced personnel fluent in all areas of logistics, including supply chain management, transportation, and warehousing services.

St. Louis, MO is centrally located on the North I-270 corridor, a prime logistics corridor for both local and national manufacturing, supply, and distribution companies due to the important link it provides between Missouri and Illinois. The area also has grown in importance to the ecommerce industry as consumer demand for quicker delivery times increases.

Customizable St. Louis Public Warehousing

Palisades Logistics’ St. Louis 3PL customers can benefit from its full-service warehousing solutions without sacrificing convenience or value. By offering access to both public and dedicated warehousing space, Palisades Logistics can meet the needs and goals of its customers, whether they are looking for long- or short-term storage solutions for all or a portion of their inventory. With access to both food grade and non-food grade facilities, customers from all industries will enjoy the same commitment to innovative logistics solutions that combine creativity with the latest advances in transportation and warehousing technology.

The St. Louis food grade warehouse facilities are equipped to accommodate both dry and temperature-sensitive products. The facilities are operated by personnel experienced with the compliance issues, high SKU count, product recalls, strict order accuracy and temperature adherence required by the food industry. These facilities are AIB inspected and managed by a Standard Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Both food grade and non-food grade St. Louis warehouse facilities are overseen by industry professionals experienced with all factors necessary for the successful final delivery of goods to the end customer, including custom storage solutions, EDI set-up, service performance score tracking, and shipping options that can help assure products arrive accurately and on time.

Palisades Logistics’ St. Louis 3PL solutions include value added services such as assembly, labeling and kitting, packing, and scalable programs to meet the supply chain needs of businesses of all sizes.

St. Louis Logistics Q&As

1). What characteristics make the St. Louis area attractive to the logistics industry?

Location and proximity to major transportation outlets make St. Louis an attractive destination for both industrial and ecommerce users.

St. Louis’ proximity to the prime logistics corridor of North I-270 makes it an important link between Missouri and Illinois. This corridor serves as a major route for both local and national distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Additionally, St. Louis boasts the third largest inland port in the country and is conveniently located near four interstate highways, five airports and six Class 1 railroads, making the area a multi-modal transportation hub. These factors work together to enable St. Louis 3PL providers to assure that goods stored in their facilities get to market anywhere in the country in an efficient, timely manner.

2). What benefits does St. Louis offer customers dealing with imported products?

St. Louis is classified as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). As such, the area offers FTZ-activated space for the storage of imported merchandise which can be conveniently delivered to the area via a multi-modal transportation system that includes half a dozen Class 1 railroads, two harbors situated on the Mississippi River system and four major interstate highways. Customers dealing in imported merchandise benefit from savings on customs duties and processing fees when warehousing and transporting their products through a Foreign Trade Zone.

3). What economic benefits does the St. Louis area offer to 3PL customers?

Given its location and inter-modal accessibility, St. Louis has positioned itself to be an efficient logistics center. Having ample warehousing space and developable land, the area can offer relatively lower rental rates to accommodate the needs of large and small businesses alike. Additionally, the area is home to a large, diverse workforce known for its “can-do” attitude. The St. Louis area is also recognized as having exceptional freight assets which enable quick, timely delivery of product. Affordable rates and efficient inventory movement result in significant cost savings for St. Louis 3PL customers.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its St. Louis 3PL customers innovative solutions to all their logistics, warehousing and fulfillment needs at affordable pricing. For more information regarding St. Louis 3PL services, contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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