Atlanta Area

Fulfillment Warehouse Services – Atlanta, Georgia

Amware Logistic Services’ Atlanta fulfillment warehouse services go above and beyond shipping orders. We combine your fulfillment needs with our experience and expertise in warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment, product/kit assembly, picking, packing, and shipping. Our 357,000 square foot warehouse accommodates over 40 brands. Boasting 38 foot ceilings and 54 dock doors, our Lawrenceville facility is AIB Food Grade Certified and consistently receives “Superior” ratings on yearly audits. In addition, the facility recently scored 100% in Distribution Protocol, Temperature Control, Sanitation, and Pest Control during a third party audit for distributors.

  • Photo of 3-tier conveyor system like that used by Palisades Logistics' fulfillment partner, Amware Logistics Services, at its facilities in Atlanta, GA, Cranbury, NJ, Dallas, TX, and Phoenix, AZ

Amware’s solutions are always tailored to your unique requirements in order to provide complete support to your sales and marketing teams as well as precise, economical, and timely delivery of your products. Amware works with companies from all industries, but has specifically tuned our systems and operating processes for e-commerce and direct selling. Whether you are shipping two hundred or twenty thousand orders per day, we can provide the attention to detail, customer service, and accuracy that you and your customers require.

Amware’s Atlanta Fulfillment Warehouse Services Include:

• Excellent Parcel Discounts
• Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business Fulfillment
• E-Commerce, Direct Selling, and Party Planning Order Fulfillment Experience
• API Integration and Web Based Reporting and Access
• Order Management Capability-sort between warehouses, group similar orders, parcel analysis, and more
• Expedited Shipping
• Returns Processing Service
• Kitting, Quality Inspection and Repackaging Services
• Temperature Control Storage

At Amware Logistics, fulfillment is just one of our many handling specialties. We serve clients in a variety of industries by providing significant experience in each industry and a full understanding of each customer’s distribution requirements. These processes, along with our 63 years of experience, have uniquely positioned Amware to be your valued distribution partner well into the future.