Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Canada Fulfillment Warehouse Services

Palisades Logistics offers Toronto ecommerce order fulfillment services through JD Smith, a third party logistics company offering fulfillment warehouse services in the Ontario, Canada area. This fulfillment company is experienced at servicing the ecommerce order fulfillment needs of a variety of industries, handling such products as food, apparel, paper and general merchandise.  Their operations are close to both rail and port, allowing them to receive products and fulfill orders on a timely basis.

JD Smith offers the following customer specific solutions:

  • State-of-the-art high-cube, single and multi-client facilities
  • Flexibility of operational resources for shared or dedicated logistics
  • Web-based access for all customer transactions
  • RF technology and bar coding
  • Capable to Interface all customer systems
  • Processes for tracking key performance metrics
  • reverse logistics, cross-docking, pallet management, and repack services.
  • Transportation management services
  • 24 hour security

ISO 9001-2000
Supply Chain and Logistics Association / Transport Canada Green Award

Palisades Logistics - ISO 9001 and HACCP