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Cedar Rapids, IA skyline; refrigerated and ambient warehouse locations

Cedar Rapids 3PL

Palisades Logistics offers comprehensive 3PL solutions for customers doing business in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas, including access to two public warehousing facilities – one offering 102,000 square feet of ambient storage space and another offering 150,000 square feet of temperature-controlled and ambient storage space. These facilities are BRC Certified ‘AA’ rated and managed by experienced logistics teams prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing warehousing industry.

Cedar Rapids Warehousing Services

The Cedar Rapids 3PL warehouse facilities are secured, controlled and protected, and offer full-service assembly, packaging, and distribution services. The 3PL warehouses are FDA approved and suitable for storage of various tech and food-grade products.

Palisades Logistics’ customers can monitor their inventories via the Accellos warehouse management system that uses an RF gun and table scanner interface for real-time inventory tracking, as well as a customer portal that allows 24/7 access to order status, inventory levels, and docking appointments. Other warehousing and fulfillment services available include:

  • allergen storage management
  • B2B services
  • case picking
  • cross-docking
  • customs shipment for international distribution
  • cycle counting and physical inventories
  • EDI capabilities
  • free pile and racking storage (cases, bags, pails, IBC totes, super sacks, drums)
  • GHS labeling
  • IBC tote handling
  • LTL, FTL & container loading
  • organic storage
  • pallet swapping
  • pre-shipment pictures of loads
  • SAP-integrated software
  • sampling product for parcel shipment
  • shipping prep (pack lists, BOLs, stickers, pallet placarding)
  • stretch wrap, banding bracing, airbags, pallet protection (corner posts strapping, cardboard wrap, pallet caps, pallet trays, deck pads)

Cedar Rapids Value-Added Services

The Cedar Rapids warehouse management teams are committed to helping Palisades Logistics’ 3PL customers maintain their competitive edge by seeking innovative solutions to their public warehousing needs. To this end, the warehouses offer a number of value-added services that equate to increased efficiencies for Palisades Logistics’ customers. Among those services are: assembly of various corrugated products for retail displays, pouch kitting for e-commerce fulfillment, and repacking services.

In addition, the Cedar Rapids facilities are fully integrated with most ERP systems and shopping carts for efficient e-commerce fulfillment. This includes API integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms, order receiving and management, and pick & pack, collating, revere logistics, kitting and assembly services. 

As with all of its warehouse locations, Palisades Logistics seeks to assist its Cedar Rapids 3PL customers by providing safe and timely distribution services across North America and internationally.

Cedar Rapids 3PL Q&As

1). What cost-effective distribution solutions can I expect from the Cedar Rapids 3PL warehouse?

This Cedar Rapids 3PL warehouse facility works together with Palisades Logistics’ customers’ supply chain teams to both store and deliver their products correctly and on-time. The facility manages e-Commerce fulfillment for ambient products, and has earned an excellent accuracy rating for case picking through such efforts as building modular pallets, tracking individual serialized ID cases, scanning variable weight bar codes, and supporting export shipments. 

2). What value-added 3PL services are available in Cedar Rapids?

The Cedar Rapids warehouse management team strives to serve as an extension of each customer’s supply chain by both safely storing their inventories and bringing their product to market accurately and on-time. In addition to providing all the services one should expect from a full-service public storage facility, the Cedar Rapids warehouse offers expert display assembly services, as well as club store repacking and kitting services, all designed to give their customers a competitive edge.

3). As a supply chain manager, what attributes should I look for in a Cedar Rapids 3PL warehouse facility?

Two attributes that can lead to a successful partnership with a Cedar Rapids  warehouse: a nimble, adaptive and innovative management team dedicated to helping you maintain your competitive edge; and a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system. With 24/7 access to your inventory levels, order status and dock appointments, you will always know where your products are.

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Cedar Rapids customers with innovative solutions for delivering their goods to market in the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner possible. For a rate quote or more information regarding Cedar Rapids public warehousing and fulfillment services, contact Palisades Logistics. 

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