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Fresno 3PL Solutions

Palisades Logistics provides a wide range of Fresno 3PL services to meet its customers’ warehousing and fulfillment needs. With access to state-of-art distribution centers, Palisades Logistics’ customers can benefit from secure storage options and efficient inventory management and order fulfillment. The synchronized movement of both inbound and outbound shipments by Palisades’ Fresno 3PL services results in savings of both time and money.

Comprehensive Fresno Warehousing Services

Palisades Logistics’ comprehensive Fresno warehousing services are managed by an experienced team dedicated to helping businesses optimize their entire supply chain from procurement to distribution. Palisades Logistics’ Fresno services include customized solutions designed to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs, resulting in overall improvement of operations.

The Fresno warehousing services include secure and organized storage, streamlined inventory management and order fulfillment processes, crossdocking services, e-commerce order fulfillment, and freight forwarding services.

The crossdocking services allow Palisades Logistics’ Fresno 3PL customers to eliminate the need and expense of long-term storage by facilitating the direct transfer of goods from inbound transportation to outbound transportation. The freight forwarding services help to facilitate the smooth transportation of goods across different transport modes and international borders. These services address all logistics involved in shipping, including documentation, customs clearance and tracking to ensure efficient, reliable delivery of goods.

Over 1,000,000 Square Feet of Storage

Palisades Logistics’ Fresno warehousing services offer over 1,000,000 square feet of flexible, scalable storage space readily available for crossdocking or warehousing services. These facilities are secure, climate-controlled and equipped to handle all inventory management needs. They utilize an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimize inventory tracking, and offer:

  • 24/7 emergency availability
  • last mile delivery
  • pallet restacking, including reorganizing and restacking of shifting loads to ensure readiness for final delivery
  • pick & pack services

Additionally, there are 100,000 sq. ft. of temperature-controlled and cold storage space available for quick overnight stops. Inventories stored at these facilities are handled with care and prepared for reload when drivers are ready to hit the road again.

Value-Added Fresno 3PL Services

Committed to providing innovative solutions to help its customers maintain their competitive edge, Palisades Logistics seeks facilities that offer services above and beyond the basic warehouse offerings. Among the value-added services Palisades Logistics’ Fresno customers can expect are:

  • customized cargo services, including banding & labeling, palletizing, and wrapping
  • drayage systems for loading and unloading inventories
  • flexible payment modes and methods
  • gateway services designed to keep trucks moving and merchandise in good order
  • LTL services to accommodate all size inventories
  • short- and long-term storage options

Fresno 3PL Q&As

1). What is the difference between short- and long-term storage options?

Short-term storage pertains to any warehousing needs within a 24-hour period. Long-term storage options, on the other hand, are available to satisfy month- or year-long warehousing needs.

2). What steps do warehouse facilities take to minimize pallet damage?

All inbound and outbound deliveries are photographed to record their condition as they enter and leave Palisades Logistics’ Fresno warehousing facilities. A thorough inspection is made of any damages found and all damaged pallets are re-palletized and goods are re-stocked.

3). What pest control efforts are applied at the Fresno warehouses?

Non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control solutions are applied at the Fresno storage facilities on a bi-weekly basis. The solutions used pose no harm to warehouse employees or goods stored at these facilities while still controlling unwanted pests.

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