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3rd Party Warehouse Indianapolis

Palisades Logistics seeks to provide its Indianapolis 3rd party warehouse customers with a competitive edge by assessing their individual warehousing and fulfillment needs and providing custom solutions.

Palisades Logistics offers access to over 700,000 square feet of flexible 3rd party warehouse space designed to adjust to its customers’ constantly changing logistics needs. These Indianapolis warehousing facilities are managed by logistics professionals with more than 30 years of experience in providing logistics services to a variety of industries from automotive to electronics, and food to plastics.

Comprehensive 3PL Indianapolis Services

Palisades Logistics’ 3PL Indianapolis services, including warehousing, distribution and ecommerce fulfillment, are designed to provide customers with better control and cost savings. Real-time inventory and order management systems allow Palisades Logistics’ Indianapolis 3PL customers to maintain full control over their inventory costs through educated inventory decisions. By offering complete inventory management capabilities and taking advantage of consolidated truckload shipping when possible, Palisades Logistics further provides its customers with cost-efficient fulfillment solutions.

Premier Indianapolis 3rd Party Warehouse

Strategically-positioned, flexible 3rd party warehouse space allows Palisades Logistics’ 3PL Indianapolis customers to meet their constantly changing warehousing and logistics needs and easily move inventory throughout North America. These facilities are suitable for all ambient, climate-controlled, and freezer storage needs and are located to provide easy one-day truck transport access to two-thirds of the population.

AIB Certified Indianapolis 3PL Warehouse Facilities

AIB logo, black with red and white lettering; Palisades Logistics' Indianapolis public warehousing arrangements are certified for food-grade storageAIB certified food-grade and organic certified Indianapolis warehousing facilities meet or exceed food industry requirements, a distinction highly valued by Palisades Logistics when developing solutions to meet customers climate-controlled and freezer storage needs, particularly those customers in the food and beverage industries. Palisades Logistics is committed to providing value-added services to customers seeking both short-term and long-term logistics solutions.

Palisades Logistics’ Indianapolis 3PL warehouse facilities comprise more than 700,000 square feet of contract and public warehouse space  enhanced by an asset-based fleet of trucks and drivers. Palisades Logistics is on board to assess, evaluate and monitor all of your Indianapolis 3PL warehouse requirements across the board.

Indianapolis 3rd Party Logistics Services Offered

    • assembly
    • ecommerce fulfillment
    • inspection
    • kitting
    • labeling
    • order receiving
    • packing/repacking
    • pick & pack
    • real-time order management
    • records retention
    • returns processing
    • sampling

Industries Served

    • automotive
    • consumer products
    • electronics
    • food grade
    • industrial
    • paper
    • plastics

Company Mission

Palisades Logistics’ goal is to provide great service to happy customers. The company is committed to the core values of integrity, customer service, teamwork, and respect.

One-Size Does Not Fit All

Palisades Logistics’ warehousing services in Indianapolis are not a one-size-fits-all product. Through its working relationships, Palisades Logistics is able to offer its customers more options from which to find solutions to their unique warehousing and logistic needs. This is one of the advantages of using Palisades Logistics as your single resource for warehousing solutions. Why pay for more than you need or risk not having enough space?

The value in Palisades Logistics is their assessment of their customers’ unique and individual needs and the development of the right 3PL warehousing solution to meet all of those needs. You can rest assured that Palisades Logistics will craft a logistics solution utilizing vetted companies that focus on excellent customer service while satisfying your requirements and special needs with a broad range of services and facilities.

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