Indianapolis, IN

Patricia Birchenough 4:42 pm

Indianapolis, IN

Spartan Logistics

Palisades Logistics is proud to include Spartan Logistics, a premier, privately-owned and operated Indianapolis third party logistics warehouse company among its selective partner network. Through Spartan, Palisades Logistics is well-situated to meet the Indianapolis fulfillment needs of its customers through cost-effective solutions.

The second generation owner and President of Spartan Logistics, Steve Harmon, was asked recently what he wanted his company to be known for, and he replied simply, “Our customers and our employees.” Steve went on to say:

“The future and success of Spartan Logistics relies simply on how well we service our customers’ 3PL warehousing needs and how well we treat our employees.”

Palisades Logistics agrees wholeheartedly with this philosophy and shares Spartan Logistics’ focused dedication to customer service while fulfilling the Indianapolis 3PL warehousing needs of its customers.

Comprehensive Indianapolis Fulfillment Services

At the very core of an efficient and cost-effective 3PL warehousing operation are two basic functions:

  • the ability to efficiently manage space and time; and
  • the ability to establish and follow a set of clearly-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) that support a robust, customer-focused culture for all daily, operational tasks.

Spartan Logistics has the experience, the people and the technology to execute these processes. This regionally-based company, whose owners and top-level management are engaged in the day-to-day operation, has less overhead and a lower cost structure. The cost savings and years of experience perfecting 3PL warehouse operations are passed on to customers who avail themselves of Spartan Logistics’ complete Indianapolis fulfillment services.

AIB Certified Indianapolis Public Warehouse Facilities

AIB logo, black with red and white lettering; Spartan's Indianapolis public warehousing facility is certified for food-grade storageSpartan Logistics’ facilities meet or exceed food industry requirements and, as such, have been AIB certified for food-grade storage, a distinction highly valued by Palisades Logistics when developing solutions to meet customers’ ambient logistics needs. With more than 50 years of experience and dedication to superior customer satisfaction, Palisades Logistics provides value-added services to customers seeking both short-term storage and long-term logistics solutions through its partnership with Spartan Logistics.

Premier Indianapolis Public Warehousing

Why did Palisades Logistics partner with Spartan Logistics? Because Spartan Logistics knows Indianapolis!

With three operations comprised of over 430,000 square feet of contract and public warehouse space, Spartan Logistics is Indianapolis’ premier local provider. Supported by a team of Indianapolis logistics professionals and enhanced by Spartan Logistics’ asset-based fleet of company trucks and drivers, the Spartan Logistics’ team serves as your eyes and ears – and as your local 3PL warehouse expert. And Palisades Logistics is on board to assess, evaluate and monitor all of your Indianapolis 3PL warehouse requirements across the board.

Company Mission

Spartan’s mission is to provide great service to happy customers, resulting in full buildings staffed by passionate team members. We are committed to the core values of Integrity, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Respect.

One-Size Does Not Fit All

Palisades Logistics’ warehousing services in Indianapolis are not a one-size-fits-all product. With Spartan Logistics in our growing partnership network, Palisades Logistics is able to offer its customers more options from which to find solutions to their unique warehousing and logistic needs. This is one of the advantages of using Palisades Logistics as your single resource for warehousing solutions. Why pay for more than you need or risk not having enough space?

The value in Palisades Logistics is their assessment of their customers’ unique and individual needs and the development of the right 3PL warehousing solution to meet all of those needs. You can rest assured that Palisades Logistics will craft a logistics solution utilizing vetted companies that focus on excellent customer service while satisfying your requirements and special needs with a broad range of services and facilities through its partnership companies – companies such as Spartan Logistics.

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