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Customized Nashville Storage & Distribution Services

Strategically located Nashville fulfillment facilities provide Palisades Logistics’ customers with solutions tailored for their specific storage and distribution needs. An experienced management team operating under the motto, the right order on time, every time, is dedicated to efficiently fulfilling orders with the highest level of accuracy.

The Nashville facilities utilize advanced technologies to provide real-time customized views of inventories. With the full integration of their order entry systems into the integrated warehouse management system (WMS) at the facility, Palisades Logistics’ customers have complete visibility of their order cycle. The facility also employs a sophisticated tracking system that coordinates returns to the specific needs of the business.

Nashville Fulfillment Services

The 445,942-sq.-ft. Nashville facility features 60 dock doors and two drive-in doors, offers both public and contract warehousing options, and is equipped to accommodate all distribution needs of Palisades Logistics customers. The Nashville fulfillment team utilizes an array of shipping options to meet any delivery requirement a business may have. These options range from pick/pack/ship services designed to accommodate everything from single product distribution to fulfilling huge inventories with multiple product options. Orders are packed to customer specification, which allows for inclusion of:

  • customized packing slips
  • additional marketing material/literature
  • accessories that turn merchandise into finished product

More Than A ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach to Product Management

Palisades Logistics’ customers have access to the fulfillment services of a leading provider of customized supply chain management that specializes in turnkey fulfillment services. The Nashville fulfillment team possesses significant experience with complex kitting operations, including pallet breakdowns and individual case shipments to satisfy individual orders. Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, these services extend to creating multi-packs, promotional kits and other product kits to meet customer demand.

Nashville Fulfillment Q&As

1). My business deals with large volumes of individual orders. Can the Nashville facilities accommodate this?

Yes, the Nashville fulfillments services provided through Palisades Logistics can be tailored to meet the needs of various businesses and industries. These services include shipping individual cases to fulfill individual orders, as well as managing vast selections of offerings that include multiple product options.

2). How do the Nashville fulfillment facilities handle product returns?

The Nashville fulfillment facilities employ a sophisticated tracking systems that not only provides customers with a real-time view of their inventory, but also coordinates returns of products specific to the needs of the individual businesses. This feature is an integral part of the company’s commitment to fast, accurate and complete order fulfillment.

3). What value-added services can a business expect from the Nashville fulfillment facilities?

The Nashville fulfillment services cater to companies looking for something other an a “one-size-fits-all” approach to inventory management. In that respect, fulfillment solutions are tailored to the specific needs of businesses in various industries, whether they are dealing with single products or huge selections that include multiple product options. To accomplish this, the Nashville fulfillment services include a range of assembly and kitting options, as well as:

  • a wide variety of shipping options to meet various delivery requirements
  • packing to specification, which allows for customize packing slips, inclusion of marketing materials, and addition of accessories needed to turn merchandise into a finished product.

Palisades Logistics’ Mission

Palisades Logistics is committed to providing its Nashville customers with innovative solutions for the delivery of their goods to market in the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner possible. For more information regarding Nashville fulfillment services contact Palisades Logistics or request a free rate quote.

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